5 Blog Ideas for Copywriters

blog ideas for copywriters

Remember: the content on your copywriting blog should be useful to your audience. And as a copywriter, your audience is potential clients

What are the Highest Paying Copywriting Niches?

Even if you started your copywriting career out of sheer love for writing, all of us work because we want to make money. You have bills to pay, after all. Not all copywriting niches are created equal in terms of pay. Some niches pay exceptionally well, but are harder to break into because of the […]

Writers: Can Your Search History Get You in Legal Trouble?

Hey Copywriters! Ok, if you’re like me (and virtually every other writer of ANY kind in the world) you have a really f*cked up search history. At this point, Google and Facebook don’t even know what kind of products to show you. One minute you’re searching for the hidden benefits of hot yoga and the […]

This is the One Skill All Email Copywriters Need to Have

What is email deliverability? Email Copywriting course

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your email copywriting skills are if no one is actually getting them.  You could have put together the most magnificent email copy that’s ever existed, but it’s not going to do your clients any good if it’s just lying dormant in the SPAM folder. Email copywriting is in incredibly high […]

11 Copywriting Exercises to Help Improve Your Skills–Fast!

copywriting exercises

One of the most common questions I get from new copywriters (I see you in my DMs!) is how to improve copywriting skills. And as a copywriter, you will ALWAYS be improving your skills.  From your very first copywriting courses to your 100th client, you’ll constantly be evolving.  Seriously. Even just a few months after […]

6 Hidden Client Red Flags You Should NEVER Ignore

Client Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

There’s an almost invisible line between a red-flag copywriting client and a client who’s just an inexperienced business owner. The excitement of taking on a new client can blur that line even further, and the next thing you know, you’re asking yourself how you didn’t recognize the red flags in the first place.  Red flags […]

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Should New Copywriters Work For Free?

is it ever okay for new copywriters to work for free?

As a huge supporter of new copywriters (and just a general copywriting nerd), I spend a lot of time perusing copywriting forums, message boards, and other online communities. One of the most frequently posted topics is whether or not a new copywriter should work for free to gain experience, get testimonials, and build their portfolio. […]

Freelance Copywriting vs. In-House vs. Agency: What’s The Right Move For You?

A copywriting career is versatile. As a copywriter, you aren’t relegated to a specific journey. You can choose to live the freelance lifestyle, work in-house as a full-time copywriter, or take a job at a copywriting agency. But, all three of these options are wildly different in terms of responsibilities.  Let’s take a look at […]

Copywriting, Content Writing, or Both? Which Path is Right For You?

So you’ve heard how great a freelance writing career can be. The control over your own schedule. The creative aspect. The location independence. Making decent money. It all sounds pretty good, right? The two writing skills in highest demand right now are copywriting and content writing. But what’s the difference? How do you know which […]

Stop Sliding in the DMs: How to Get Copywriting Clients on Social Media

So, you’ve taken copywriting courses, you’ve created a copywriting portfolio, and you’ve determined your pricing and created a business plan.  Now it’s time for you to go scouting for copywriting clients. You know that you can use social media to get clients (because that’s where your target audience is spending their time!), but there’s a […]