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Copywriting Videos

Visual learner? Me too! As much as I love putting together super long guides on how to develop your copywriting skills, I’ve gotten so many requests for video tutorials that I’ve decided to bring it to ya!

News videos drop every Monday. You can tune in here or watch on Youtube.

And if these copywriting videos help you, it would mean the whole world to me if you’d give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you never miss a video (and so other writers looking for copywriting videos can find the channel, too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Suggest a Copywriting Video Topic?

You definitely can! I create these copywriting videos FOR YOU! If you have a topic suggestion, I’d love to hear it. You can send me a DM on Instagram or drop me an email at

How Often Do New Copywriting Videos Come Out?

You’ll get a new copywriting video every single Monday at 8am Central time.

I Love Your Copywriting Videos! Who Makes Them?

My dude Chad. He’s my secret weapon. If you want him to be yours, reach out and I’ll make an introduction.

What’s the Intro Music? It’s a BOP.

You’re damn right it is. The track is “Brand New Day” by my friend Max Frost who knows how much I love the song and was awesome enough to let me use it.

Will You Release Video Copywriting Courses on the Channel?

Absolutely. I have a TON of video copywriting courses in the works RIGHT NOW.


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