Let’s Talk Copy:
The Copywriting Podcast

This is the Let’s Talk Copy Podcast! The copywriting podcast where you learn how to launch, grow, and scale your copywriting business.

Every Monday, you’ll get a brand new episode with actionable information with real takeaways to help you develop your copywriting skills.

If you like what you hear, it would mean the world to me if you’d leave me a rating and a review so that other copywriters just like you can boost their skills and ramp up their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we get new episodes?

A new episode drops every single Monday at 8am CST.

Where Can I Listen to the Let’s Talk Copy copywriting podcast?

You can listen to the podcast on the following platforms:

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcast
Amazon Music
Pocket Casts

Let’s Talk Copy is hosted on Anchor.FM.

Do You Accept Guests?

I do! In fact, I’m working on a special guest series right now that will be BONUS episodes in addition to your weekly copywriting podcast.

How Do I Get a Question Answered on the Let’s Talk Copy Podcast?

Just ask! Send me a DM on Instagram @letstalkcopy. I do my best to answer as many questions as I can. And if you tell me I can, I’ll even shout you out!

Can I Make a Topic Suggestion?

Absolutely. I created my copywriting podcast for YOU. Send me a DM on Instagram or send me an email at hello@lizslyman.com and suggest away!


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