What are the Highest Paying Copywriting Niches?

Even if you started your copywriting career out of sheer love for writing, all of us work because we want to make money.

You have bills to pay, after all.

Not all copywriting niches are created equal in terms of pay. Some niches pay exceptionally well, but are harder to break into because of the amount of knowledge and experience it takes to write really, really authoritative content. 

Let’s look at some of the highest paying copywriting niches.

Medical Copywriting

As you might imagine, doctor’s offices and other health related websites have pretty stringent standards when it comes to hiring copywriters. 

I mean, it makes sense: with medical copywriting, the words you write could literally mean the difference between life and death. 

While not all medical related companies require you to have a medical license or certification, those that do are more likely to land gigs.  

Google likes content with authority, and byline articles that have “RN,” “MD,” or “NP” after the name are looked at as more trustworthy. 

If you’re a medical professional who wants to leave the bedside and you’ve got a way with words, a career in medical copywriting could be a great option for you.

Finance Copywriting

Like medical copywriting, Google puts finance websites under a microscope.

Websites that relate to health or money are considered Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) websites.  Websites that contain financial content must be trustworthy, nondeceptive, and accurate. 

Writing financial copy and content is tedious, time consuming, and requires understanding of industry nuance, making this niche one of the highest paying copywriting niches.

Legal Copywriting 

Another highly specialized niche, legal copywriting is, unsurprisingly, one of the highest paying copywriting niches. 

Attorneys need to maintain a high level of professionalism, keep their reputations intact, and provide factual, accurate information to their audience.

Legal copywriting requires both tact, understanding of the subject matter, and the ability to translate complex legal terminology into layman’s terms. 

While certification is not always required, if you’re a paralegal, law student, or law professional, legal copywriting can be exceptionally lucrative.

Tech Copywriting

Tech is a multi billion dollar industry, and marketing budgets for tech companies are typically pretty hefty, making tech copywriting one of the higher paying copywriting niches.

Tech copywriters are needed for everything from web copy and user guides to content marketing campaigns and advertising. 

Tech writers worth their salt aren’t just up to date on the latest industry trends, they understand the nuances and can explain complex topics in ways that consumers can understand.

Some of the most popular topics and tech writing includes software as a service (SaaS), internet of things (IoT), web security, blockchain technology, and everyday products such as smart home technology.

The Riches are in (These) Niches

Medical copywriting, finance copywriting, legal copywriting, and tech copywriting aren’t the only high paying copywriting niches out there, but in 2022, they’re some of the most lucrative.

If you’re someone who likes a challenge or is great at researching, understanding, and translating complex topics into easy to read, engaging content, a job in one of the highest paying copywriting niches may be for you.


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