3 Awesome Perks of Taking a Copywriting Course

Thinking of Taking a Copywriting Course? Here are the Biggest Benefits. Copywriting is in high-demand. Why? Because every business in the world needs copywriting. Yep. Every single one. From your taglines to your marketing materials to the text on your website, social media captions, email marketing campaigns, and everything in between, having great copy is key […]

Here’s What DOESN’T Happen When You Learn Copywriting With Me

Learning Content + Copywriting With Me Means You’re DONE With the BS Courses Out There This is something I’m WILDLY passionate about, so excuse me in advance for a lot of off-color language, because I can tell you it’s definitely going to happen. But we’re here today to talk about what’s NOT going to happen. Specifically, […]

3 Ways Great Copy Transform Your Business

Writing Great Copy Means You’re Playing to Win The Long Game If you’re here, I’m willing to bet you’ve been searching for how to write copy that generates more leads and makes more sales for your business. But great copy goes beyond earning you more conversion. The power of copywriting expands into EVERY aspect of […]

What is a Bucket Brigade in Copywriting?

Bucket Brigades: The Near-Magic Technique that Keeps Eyes on Your Content for Longer I’ll have to admit, I didn’t learn what a Bucket Brigade was until several years into my copywriting career. In my defense, though, I’d been employing this copywriting tactic all along — I just didn’t know there was a term for it. […]

How Do You Add REAL Value to Your Welcome Email Sequence?

If I could shout one thing from the rooftops (without my neighbors calling the cops), it would be that businesses need to nurture their email list. If I could shout a second thing, it would be that Maj. Sidney Freedman was a really underrated character on M*A*S*H, but I digress Nurturing your brand new email […]

17 Reasons Freelance Copywriting is the Best Career Ever

The Perks of Freelancing Go So Much Deeper than Making Your Own Schedule Ok, so working the hours you want to work is a major perk. Major. You can wake up when you want to, take a midweek vacation, take lunch at 9:30am, or work in the middle of the night. While the choose-your-own-adventure type […]

Is 2021 a Good Year to Make a Career Change?

  Should You Change Careers in 2021? 2020 was a tumultuous year for nearly everyone on the planet. While I obviously don’t need to go into detail about the strange and change-filled year, it’s likely your job situation saw drastic changes. Whether you saw a decrease in income, an increase in hours as an essential […]


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