Is 2021 a Good Year to Make a Career Change?


Should You Change Careers in 2021?

2020 was a tumultuous year for nearly everyone on the planet. While I obviously don’t need to go into detail about the strange and change-filled year, it’s likely your job situation saw drastic changes.

Whether you saw a decrease in income, an increase in hours as an essential worker, did the work of multiple people after layoffs, or lost your job entirely, 2020 was particularly painful for the working class.

Is it Safe to Change Careers in 2021?

Many people saw the careers they’d work so hard for crumble in a matter of months, especially those in creative industries or industries that rely on in-person participation, like large-scale events (having worked in the music business for 7+ years, seeing historic venues close their doors, agencies shut down, and artists struggle was incredibly emotional for me).

If you don’t see your industry making a super-strong comeback over the next year, or if everything you’ve experienced this year has made you realize you’re interested in a different path in life, a career change might be on your mind.

But is changing careers safe in 2021?

Raise your hand if you’re thinking about a career change and you’ve said any of the following:

How will I even be able to find a job in a new field?

The economy is far from recovered, how can I think of jumping into a brand new career right now?

I’ve put so much time, energy, and money into your current career to just leave it behind, even though I’m not happy.

What if I fail?

If you raised your hand, ask yourself this: if you’re unhappy in your current career, why wade through six more months of uncertainty about whether or not your current career will become stable again, if what IS certain is that you’ll still be unhappy?

2020 was a year of change.

2021 will be a year of growth.

We’ve seen everything we thought was stable collapse.

Here’s your fresh start.

Here’s your clean slate.

If you don’t make the change now, you might never have another chance like this.

Why Should I Learn Copywriting?

Copywriting is both a hard and a soft skill that can be applied to any number of industries or jobs.

Every company that makes a sale relies on copywriting in some capacity.

Even if you don’t want to make a full-on career change and work as a copywriter, being able to write copy, and do it well, will serve you well in virtually any position.

Does Having Copywriting Skills Look Good on a Resume?


If you don’t want to change career paths at this point in your life, but you’re still looking for another job in your field, it goes without saying that the more skills you have, the better of a candidate you are.

Comprehensive written communication skills sends your resume straight to the top of the pile.

How Can I Learn Copywriting Fast?

If you want to be a good copywriter, it will likely take months or even years to refine your skills, but getting a grasp on at least the foundations of copywriting can be learned at an accelerated pace.

There are numerous resources available to those who want to learn copywriting. YouTube videos, ebooks, and writers’ groups are all great places to start, but you’ll need to dig around and figure out on your own what resources are worthwhile.

An alternative to self-taught copywriting is taking an online copywriting course.

I’m not just saying that out of bias.

Yes, I do teach a copywriting course — but I also own a copywriting agency.

The writers that reach out to my agency that have taken laser-focused courses are far better candidates than those who have sifted through hundreds of YouTube tutorials trying to figure out what information is applicable.

Fast-Track Your Future

If you’re ready, I’m ready.

And if you’re not ready and have questions, I’m available to answer them (or you can check out this super in-depth FAQ on copywriting as a career!).

Enroll here or contact me for more information.


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