How Do You Add REAL Value to Your Welcome Email Sequence?

If I could shout one thing from the rooftops (without my neighbors calling the cops), it would be that businesses need to nurture their email list.

If I could shout a second thing, it would be that Maj. Sidney Freedman was a really underrated character on M*A*S*H, but I digress

Nurturing your brand new email leads, especially if you’re a coach, service provider, or have high-ticket offers, is non-negotiable.

This is what I want you to do:

Go to your deleted email folder. Check and see how many marketing emails you received that you sent straight to the trash…or marked as spam.

Then, assess why.

Are the subject lines taking their sale and smashing it directly into your face, cramming it down your throat and choking you with it? Have they ever really done anything for you other than ask you to buy, buy, buy? What was your initial thought when you hit that ‘move to the black hole of email’ button?

If you aren’t providing value to your leads — and doing it right  your subscribers are doing that to your emails, too. And that’s if they don’t hit “unsubscribe.”

Keeping your open rates high, retaining your subscribers, and actually earning those sweet, sweet conversions stems from one thing: providing value to your subscribers.

You want to provide so much value, in fact, that your subscribers are jumping on your sales emails because they want more of what you have to offer. 

Let’s talk about what that means and how to actually do it.

What Does It Mean to Add Value?

The golden question.

You probably hear that you need to add value all the time, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s cut the BS and jump straight into it.

By value, I don’t just mean throwing in a coupon code here and there. That’s still just sales. When I say value, I mean something that will keep your subscribers opening your emails wondering what you’re going to offer next.

Value is something that enriches someone’s life either emotionally, physically, mentally, or otherwise.

Adding value to your welcome sequence emails means leaving your subscribers saying wow, they’re already making my life better and I haven’t even bought anything, yet.

How to Add Value to Your Welcome Sequence Emails

After your initial welcome email (which should be equally as awesome) the next thing you send out is something your subscribers don’t have to do anything in exchange for. They’ve given you their email address, and even if your lead magnet freebie lured them in, at this stage you’re still ‘paying them back’ for their contact info.

Here are a few ways to provide value to your email subscribers:

Give Them Something Exclusive

Your email subscribers need to have a reason to stay on your email list. Why would someone give you their contact information if they can go to your website or social media pages and get the same thing?

Exclusivity is key.

What can you offer your email subscribers simply for being on your list?

An invitation to a private Facebook group? A link to one of your unlisted YouTube videos? A free download of something they’d have to pay for if they weren’t on your list? Tip: Let them know this. “Because you’re on our email list, we’re giving you X.” 

Provide Something Actionable

Actionable value means something that your subscribers can put to use immediately to make their lives better.

An actionable value add can could be a video of a free mini-training or a free download such as an eBook or a checklist.

Align your freebie as close to your offer as possible so that when the time comes to drop that sales email, people are more than happy to buy because what you’ve given them so far is so damn good.

Send Something Thought-Provoking

An anecdote.

A tip.

A ‘shower thought’ you had that was actually really poignant (I don’t know about you, but I do all of my best thinking in the shower).

The sky’s the limit, baby (I mean, make it related to what you do/your brand, don’t get too out there with it).

The objective of providing thought-provoking value is to resonate with you subscribers so deeply that your email stays in their head all day…and longer.

Give, Give, Ask

Obviously, you don’t want your email list to be a free sh*t buffet.

You want to intersperse your offers between the value-laden emails.

If in doubt, use the pattern give, give, ask.

So, Now What? They’re Just Gonna Buy From Me? Bada-Bing Bada-Boom?

Potentially, but probably not. Especially if you’re offering something super high-ticket.

You have to keep nurturing, which can be exceptionally nuanced.

Don’t just stop providing value to customers after dropping an offer email on them. If they haven’t taken you up on your offer at this point, they’re going to need more value. They’re going to need you to SHOW them why they should take advantage of your offer, without you actually saying it.

That takes a lot of strategy…

But that’s a blog post for another day. Stay tuned…

Slay Those Emails, You Biz Rock Star, You

Email nurture sequences, especially for your welcome sequence, are extremely powerful — if you do it right.

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Let’s go!


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