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Mastering the Welcome
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Are you a coach, service provider, or other entrepreneur?

Do you have high-ticket packages you want to sell?

Do you have a welcome email sequence that converts…if you have one at all?

You *need* one.

And here’s why:

Why Do You Need a Welcome Email Sequence?

  • Imagine that your social media accounts get disabled, you get locked out, or they otherwise disappear. How would you reach your audience?
    Social media is “rented” space — You OWN your email list — and email is one of *the* most direct ways to reach your leads.
    But, you can’t just collect email addresses and then fire off an email out of nowhere. That just doesn’t work!
    A welcome sequence gets this audience immediately acquainted with your business + keeps those leads warm.
  • The excitement is highest at the time of signup. If your new subscribers don’t get something from you immediately, emotions will settle quickly + they’ll move on.
  • Being in direct contact with your subscribers establishes the know, like + trust factor (which means conversions!)
  • Your leads need nurtured before you start selling to them. Ever sign up for an email list that immediately bombarded you with sales emails? It’s annoying — and it doesn’t work. A welcome sequence builds the relationship that moves your leads to conversions.

In my Mastering the Welcome
Email Sequence Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to create the roadmap for a successful welcome email series.
  • WHY and HOW to structure your sequence for the most conversions.
  • My signature method for confident sales copy (The FACES method).
  • What to include in your welcome email sequence to actually keep your customers engaged with your brand.
  • The messaging I use to take subscribers from warm leads to next-level brand loyalists.
  • A TON of extra email marketing tips along the way.

Plus, you’ll get “real-life” examples of how each email should look, flow, + how to create the right sales messaging within each campaign.


If we haven’t met, I’m Liz. I’m a conversion copywriter (that means I transform your ideas into the messaging that makes you money)

For the past decade, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of clients achieve their sales goals through powerful messaging strategies.

One of my favorite things to write?

Email sequences.

Seriously, it’s like a psychological sales puzzle that I get obsessed with putting together.

I’ve helped my clients generate MILLIONS of dollars over the past ten years, and I’m here to share what I know with you about creating high-converting email welcome sequences.

If you want to turn your email welcome sequence into a high-converting MACHINE, this course is for you.

Are you ready?

You can access the class for only $198, on-demand, yours forever!

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