6 Copywriting Hacks That Lead to Sky-High Conversions

6 Copywriting for SKY-HIGH Conversions

If your copy is as bland as your grandma’s oatmeal, nobody’s going to exit your site with a packed shopping cart and a confirmation email.

So, how do you write spicy-hot copy that your ideal customer can’t get enough of?

Let’s talk about it. I’m going to give you six tips you can put into practice today.

High-Converting Copywriting Tips You Should Implement Right Now

Ramp up your conversion power with these 6 high-impact copywriting tips.

1. Focus on the Transformation

Right now, your customers are at point A, and you need to show them what it’s like over at point B, which is where they want to get. Here’s a simple formula you can use:

Go from ____________ to ________________ by ______________.

The first blank is where they are right now, and the second blank is the core reason they’ve landed on your website.

For example, I create copywriting courses. I might write something like “Go from the monotony of your 9-5 a life of freedom by starting a high-income copywriting business.”

This simple sentence shows the audience that I can identify where they are now, where they want to be, and offer them the map to get there.

2. Activate Your Audience Through Power-Packed Calls to Action

You might have read my blog post on why the words “BUY NOW” absolutely kill your calls to action. And if you haven’t checked it out, I’m gonna leave it right here. 

Your calls to action stand between your audience and their online shopping cart. If you aren’t finishing strong, you’re gonna lose those customers that are on the fence about buying.

3. Lead with a Verb

Put some MOVEMENT into your copy. If you’re listing the benefits of your product or service, start your sentences with a verb. For example, ACHIEVE, DISCOVER, REACH, and TRANSFORM are all words that are associated with success.

4. Avoid the Cliches

If your offer is the best there is, it needs to SOUND like it. Avoid cliche words and phrases and write copy that’s true to your brand personality. 

5. Use the Word “YOU”

This is going to sound a little harsh, but it’s true. 

People don’t visit your website to learn about you as much as they visit your website to learn about what YOU can do for THEM. 

Instead of using “I” or “WE” sentences, change up your copy so that it focuses solely on your audience.

6. Use Future Pacing 

Future pacing paints a picture for your audience of what their life would be like if they purchased your offer. 

Or, what their life would be like if they chose NOT to purchase your offer. 

Future pacing can be positive or negative, and touches on the deeper emotions of your audience.

Experiment with both positive and negative future pacing and see which one works best for your offer. 

And remember, future pacing is really, really powerful. Use it wisely.

Good Copy Attracts. Powerful Copy Converts.

If you want your audience to go all the way from reading your headline to boosting your bottom line, your copy needs to be strong enough to leave your audience completely convinced that they can’t live without your offer.

Implement these 6 tips and let me know what kind of results you see!

Catch you next time!


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