3 Ways to Use Psychology to Get in the Copywriting Mindset

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Learn How To to Get “In the Zone” On Demand

Writer’s block isn’t limited to novelists. Even copywriters get mentally tongue-tied. 

You know that feeling when you have a giant client project due and you’re just staring at the screen with thoughts bouncing around your brain and no way to focus on the ones that will actually get your fingers typing? 

Yeah. It’s agonizing. 

The best way to get over the block is to prevent it in the first place. You can do this by training your brain to get into the “copywriting mindset.”

And the coolest part?

You can use the science of psychology to get your in the zone (and stay in the zone) on demand.

3 Ways to Get Your Head in the Copywriting Game

  1. Set a Routine

Setting (and sticking to) a routine allows you to flow through your day on autopilot while your brain focuses on other things. A routine helps you avoid decision fatigue by having things planned in advance. That means by setting a routine around your copywriting schedule will help you be far more productive. In fact, It’s science

First, figure out when you work best. Is it first thing in the morning? Late at night? Mid afternoon? Whenever you feel like your brain is at its peak, plan your routine around that.

Next, develop several “rituals” for your routine. For example, take a brisk walk for 30 minutes before you sit down at your desk. Put some coffee on and tidy up your desk while it percolates. As soon as your coffee is in hand, sit down and open your computer.

Do this several days in a row, and your brain will start to associate the brisk walk and coffee with getting ready to get into your work.

  1. Set Up Your Workstation

The American Psychological Association says that your environment plays a huge role in your productivity. By creating comfortable work environment that’s conducive to your brain working at optimal levels, you get far more work done–and of far better quality.

Choose one location in your home where the only thing you do is write. Whether it’s sitting at a desk in your home office or even a specific chair at your kitchen table, designated one spot that when you sit there, it means it’s time to work. 

In addition to choosing a specific location, make sure your workspace is organized and free of distractions. Keep your workspace clean and include ONLY items related to your work within reach.

  1. Activate Your Senses

The power of your senses is incredible. Our senses help us navigate the world and associate different sensations with different actions. 

Get in the copywriting mindset and avoid writer’s block by activating all five of your senses:

  • Sound: Curate a playlist you only listen to when you’re writing
  • Smell: Light a specific candle that invigorates or calms you so you can focus
  • Taste:  Brew a specific brand of coffee right before you sit down to work
  • Sight: Dim the lights (or turn ‘em up bright) in a way that’s reserved for wordsmithing only
  • Touch: Get comfortable. Get a blanket, sweatpants, hoodie, whatever it takes for you to feel good while you’re writing.

Train Your Brain & Get in the Game

Psychology is powerful (but you already know that, you’re a copywriter, after all). By training your brain to work at specific times, in specific locations, in a curated environment, you can get your brain in the “copywriting mode” on demand.

Give it a try and watch your productivity (and those word counts) skyrocket.

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