Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Copywriting Mentor (And 14 Questions You NEED to Ask!)

A copywriting mentor has been in the copy game long enough to have made it to where you want to be, and maybe even further. A copywriting mentor has typically been building their copywriting business for a decade or more, scaled their own agency, and has a fantastic reputation in the industry.

Finding a copywriting mentor can help you fast-track your copywriting business. 

Having a copywriting mentor is like having your own personal secret weapon at the ready with guidance on building your portfolio, finding clients, managing clients and projects, scaling and growing your business, and providing feedback on your work. 

Basically, a copywriting mentor is like taking a zillion copywriting courses and copywriting business development courses in one, all with personalized support so that you’re as successful as possible.

But, how does a copywriting mentor actually help you? How do you find a copywriting mentor? And, more importantly, how do you know if you’ve found one worth your time and financial investment?

Do You NEED a Copywriting Mentor?

Do you actually need a copywriting mentor to become a successful copywriter with a fruitful and fulfilling career? 

No. You don’t (kind of weird coming from someone who has a copywriting mentorship program, huh?). 

You can learn the skills you need from copywriting courses and learn to launch, grow, and scale your business through trial and error. 

The question is, though, how much time do you have? And will it be worth it for you to hire a copywriting mentor or should you go the DIY route?

Let’s dive in:

Signs You’ll Benefit From Hiring a Copywriting Mentor

Here are some sure signs that a copywriting mentorship is the route for you:

  1. You’ve built your foundational skills already, but you actually know what to do with them.
  2. You feel like you should be further ahead in your copywriting career than you are. You want to 10x what you’re doing and start making money as a copywriter FASTER.
  3. You’re stuck when it comes to actually building your business. Where do you even start?
  4. You’re constantly Googling copywriting questions but you don’t feel like you’re getting the answers you need.
  5. You might have clients, but you aren’t keeping them, and you’re having trouble finding more.

Signs You Can Probably Just Go it Alone

  1. You’ve got a steady stream of clients that you’re content with.
  2. You’re not in a rush to launch or scale your business. A slower pace is okay with you.
  3. You don’t take criticism well, even when it’s constructive.
  4. You don’t want to dedicate more time and effort to your skills. You’re happy where you are.
  5. You aren’t trying to go BIG, you just want to do what you need to do to pay your bills and maybe a little more.

Really, it comes down to your goals. Where do you want to be? How quickly do you want to get there? If you want to see more MOTION in your freelance copywriting business, a copywriting mentor might be exactly what you need. If your copywriting gig is more of a side hustle and you’re content with what you’ve got going on, you probably won’t get much out of mentorship.

Is a Copywriting Mentor the Same as a Copywriting Coach?

Both a copywriting coach and a copywriting mentor will help you propel your professional life, but in different ways.

A copywriting coach is more performance-based and can help you develop your copywriting skills more effectively. A copywriting mentor can help you do the same thing, but with the added bonus of helping you further your business and career as a whole. 

Many copywriting mentors offer copywriting coaching as well, so when we get to the interview process (we’ll talk more about that later!), ask those questions!

What Does a Copywriting Mentor Do?

So now that we’ve talked about copywriting coaching vs. copywriting mentorship, let’s talk about what exactly a copywriting mentor does:

A copywriting mentor can help you accelerate your copywriting career through guidance on client acquisition, inbound and outbound marketing strategy, client retention and relationship management, growth and scaling strategies, SOPs, project management, and more. And, as I mentioned a few lines back, the best copywriting mentor is one who will also help you further develop and refine your copywriting skills by providing feedback on your work.

Can I Work With a Copywriting Mentor for Free?

It is absolutely possible to find a copywriting mentor for free. These opportunities, however, can be few and far between. Many copywriting mentors make a good portion of their income through coaching and mentorship programs, especially the best copywriting mentors. 

And remember: you get what you pay for. A copywriting mentor’s job is to equip you with the tools, skills, and guidance you need to generate revenue.  If you’re dedicated to the growth of your freelance copywriting business, be prepared to make an investment if you want to see results. 

How Much Does a Copywriting Mentor Charge?

It depends! Worthwhile copywriting mentorship programs come with a cost, but there’s not a concrete answer for this. A copywriting mentor may charge anywhere from $50 an hour to $500 an hour, depending on their expertise, their program offerings, and the scope of support they’re providing. You can also find monthly copywriting mentorship programs for a lesser cost, but may find yourself in a group setting. 

Will a Copywriting Mentor Help Me Get Clients?

Most copywriting mentors will create a content acquisition strategy with you that will help you grow and scale your business in a sustainable way. Many copywriting mentors also have an extremely large network of copywriting agency owners, clients, or business owners that are often looking for copy. Don’t be surprised if your copywriting mentor sends referrals your way!

Is a Copywriting Coach or Mentor a Good Investment?

If you’re willing to put in the work, yes, a copywriting mentor is a good investment. A copywriting mentor takes you from where you are to where you want your business to be. But, keep in mind, you only get as much out of a copywriting mentorship as you put in. Your mentor could give you a million dollar business plan, but if you don’t put their guidance into action, you won’t see a return on your investment.

How to Find a Copywriting Mentor

So, you’ve decided that you want to take the leap and invest in fast-tracking your copywriting business with a mentor. Now what? A mentor could show up serendipitously in your life, but it’s far more likely that you’ll need to do your research and find one.

Let’s look at some places to find a copywriting mentor:

Follow Copywriters on Social Media

Social media is a great place to discover and vet copywriting mentors––even those who aren’t actively promoting mentorship services! Search for “copywriters” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms and follow those who stand out to you. Browse their content. Evaluate their skill level, knowledge, and experience. Then, don’t be afraid to reach out and make a connection!

Listen to Copywriting Podcasts

Many successful copywriters host copywriting podcasts, and most of them either sell copywriting courses, coaching, or mentorship programs. 

A podcast is a great way to gauge what someone knows about their topic AND see if you’d be a personality fit. Plus, you’ll probably learn a ton along the way.

Apply to an Internship Program at a Copywriting Agency

Albeit nontraditional, internship programs are a great way to find copywriting mentors. Not only will you gain real life experience, but you’ll be working under someone who has a lot to teach you. If the internship goes well, you can reach out to your internship program and ask if they host mentorships.

Use the Power of the Internet

Googling “copywriting mentors” “how to find a copywriting mentor” and “best copywriting mentors” is a great place to start. 

And, I’m willing to bet that’s how you got here in the first place! So, it’s already working!

Peruse search results, see what (and who) you can find, and reach out to someone you feel aligns with you.

Ask for Referrals from Other Copywriters

Chances are that other copywriters you know (or even those that you just follow on Instagram) have had a mentor. Ask them! If a copywriter is satisfied with their mentorship, they’ll probably be more than happy to refer their mentor to you.

Join a Copywriting Facebook Group

Joining a copywriting Facebook group connects you to like minded people, and many of those people are seasoned copywriters who are offering mentorship programs. There are literally hundreds of copywriting groups on Facebook. Start joining them, introduce yourself, and interact!

Network at Copywriting Conferences

A room full of copywriting nerds––sounds like heaven, right? A networking event or copywriting conference is a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential copywriting mentors, as well as learn new skills or sharpen the ones you have. Plus, you’ll make friends who have the same goals and dreams as you. Bonus.

14 Questions You NEED to Ask a Potential Copywriting Mentor

Time for the nitty-gritty. So, you think you’ve found the best copywriting mentor out there, but how can you know for sure whether or not there’s a fit? Even the most sought-after mentors might not be the right fit for you, and you’ll be spending your hard-earned money on a program that isn’t going to propel you forward like you need. 

You need to know how to ask the right questions when interviewing potential mentors. Here are 15 CAN’T MISS questions to ask your potential copywriting mentor.

  1. How long have you been a copywriter?

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but this is ridiculously important, and I’ll tell you why. 

There are  people out there who are wildly unqualified to be offering guidance on your copywriting business, and most of them haven’t been writing professionally long enough to be able to give you solid advice (the amount of “copywriting coaches” I’ve seen out there who have only a year or two experience is astounding). If someone hasn’t been in their career long enough to have seen and experienced things that they can give you advice on, save your money.

  1. How long have you been getting PAID to write copy?

This relates to question #1. Someone could have been writing copy for years, but if they’ve only had their first paying clients within the past couple of years, there’s a huge difference in the quality of copywriting mentorship you’ll get.

Don’t pay someone who’s only 1 or 2 steps ahead of you. Hire a copywriting mentor with experience worth paying for.

  1. What kind of copy do you write?

Depending on the kind of copywriter you are, you will likely want to look for a mentor with experience in the same formats you’re interested in. For example, if you’re an email copywriter, hiring a copywriting mentor who has spent most of their career in brand copy might not be the best fit.

Keep in mind, of course, that many copywriting mentors have spent years honing their skills and have written in virtually every imaginable format. Just because someone isn’t fully focused on a format now doesn’t mean they don’t have experience. Dig deep.

  1. Can I see your portfolio?

First, if a copywriting mentor won’t let you see their portfolio, that’s a MASSIVE red flag and usually means you need to re-ask questions #1 and #2.

Beyond checking the legitimacy of their work, you want to check the quality. Not all copywriting mentors are created equal, and you want to learn from someone that makes you want to write at their level!

  1. Have you had your own copywriting business?

Another background checking question. If a potential copywriting mentor has only worked in full time copywriting jobs and your goal is to create a successful business, they’re not likely to provide the guidance you need. 

A green flag here is when your potential mentor has not only run a copywriting business, but in your niche and in a similar business model to what you’re looking to create.

  1. Have you run a copywriting agency?

Not having run a copywriting agency shouldn’t necessarily preclude mentorship, but typically, copywriters who have run their own agencies have more expertise to learn from. This is especially important if your end-goal is to launch your own agency. Someone who’s only worked freelance won’t be able to guide you on building and scaling an agency-style business.

  1. What clients have you worked with?

Remember! You want a copywriting mentor who has reached the level you want to reach––that includes the types of clients they’ve worked with!  If your goal is to build a business writing for Fortune 500 companies, hiring a mentor who has only written for small businesses might not be the best fit. You want a mentor who can guide you to smashing your goals and knows how to do it.

  1. Have you ever mentored anyone before?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a mentor who is new to mentorship, as long as they have the skills and experience to back it up, but if you’re shelling out the big bucks, make sure it’s someone who has their program in place so that you can build and maintain momentum.

  1. How often do you meet with your mentees?

You might be a copywriter who needs or wants a LOT of face time. Ask your potential mentor about how they prefer to communicate (whether via phone, in person, or via video call), and how often they will be scheduling your sessions.

Some copywriting mentors offer Voxer support or text support between sessions and some don’t. Be sure to clarify this during your interview call.

  1. What kind of guidance do you provide?

The meat of mentorship! Ask any potential mentors exactly what type of guidance they offer. Some may only offer business development, while others will teach you additional copywriting skills. Ask if their services include a client acquisition strategy, a marketing strategy, business building, project management guidance, and anything else you think you’ll want advice on.

  1. Do you have a mentorship program, or do you do as-needed copywriting mentorship calls?

Many copywriting mentors will have a program in which there are specific calls at specific times for a predetermined amount of time. Some mentors will offer their services on an as-needed basis so you can get expert help only when you feel like you need it. Ask your potential mentor how their mentorships are structured.

  1. Do you have references?

Some copywriting mentorships are a significant investment. Before you drop the cash, make sure you know who you’re working with. Ask for references from previous mentees or clients that offer social proof of their skills.

  1. Do you offer copywriting coaching or is this limited to copywriting business development?

As mentioned above, some mentors will only offer copywriting business guidance while some offer a mixture of coaching and business development. Some copywriting mentors have separate coaching offers for newer copywriters who are looking to build their foundational skills. Depending on where you are in your copywriting journey, you may need one more than the other.

  1. Do you work within my niche?

While it’s not a necessity to work with a copywriting mentor who specializes in your niche, it definitely makes things easier. If you only write for a specific industry, a mentor whose primary focus is the same industry can offer you more insight than a generalist copywriter.

Hiring a Copywriting Mentor: a 5 Step How-To

Let’s recap a little and go over the steps in finding, vetting, and hiring a copywriting mentor.

Step 1: Decide exactly what you’re looking for from a copywriting mentor

Before anything else, figure out exactly what it is that you want out of a mentorship program. Are you looking for someone to help you streamline your business? Grow your client roster? Uncover new opportunities? Teach you new skills? Gain the confidence you need to be successful? Make your list of “must haves” and “nice to haves” and make sure your mentor checks all the most important boxes.

Step 2: Go on the hunt

Now’s where you go out there and find your copywriting mentor! And here’s a tip: no matter how anxious you are to find a mentor and start growing your business, don’t hire the first one that comes along. There are hundreds (if not more) of copywriting mentors out there; one of them is the perfect fit for you.

Step 3: Interview copywriting mentors (and ask those 14 questions AT A MINIMUM)

Those 14 questions above are the minimum of what you want to ask. Beyond a Q&A session, it’s important to gauge personality fit as well. Feeling like you “gel” well with a potential mentor is really important. Do you feel like you can trust them? Do you feel like you could open up to them? Do you have similar communication styles? All of this matters.

Step 4: Check the backgrounds of copywriters you really want to learn from

Even if you have the best interview call you could possibly have, do your due diligence and check for legitimacy. Like I said before, there are a lot of unqualified people out there offering mentorships. Check and make sure they are who they say they are before signing a contract or sending money.

Step 5: Get ready to put in the WORK

I’ll say it again: You only get as much as you put into a copywriting mentorship.

Getting a copywriting mentor is only the first step. Now, you have to be ready to put in the effort. Ideation is one thing, implementation is another. You won’t get results unless you actually put their guidance into action.

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