What Does it mean to Build a Personal Brand as a Copywriter?

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Make Your Personality Pack Your Calendar

If you’ve found this blog post, chances are you’re trying to build your personal brand as a copywriter.

If creating your personal brand sounds like like a freakin’ labyrinth, I’m here to tell you:

Don’t worry. It’s not.

I mean, just because you exist, you already kind of have a personal brand. 

You just need to step into it and put that copywriter part of you center stage.

Let’s talk about how you can create your personal brand as a copywriter and start packing your calendar full of clients who just can’t wait to work with you!

What is a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is how you communicate your authority in your space. Personal branding is a combination of your personality, expertise, and how you tell your story. It’s, in essence, your vibe and what you bring to the world.

You use your personal brand to influence, engage, and establish your credibility.

Why Does a Copywriter Need a Personal Brand?

As a copywriter, you work with businesses to convey their message and write on their behalf. The words you write have a direct impact on the perception of a business and how that business positions themselves in the market. 

You hold a lot of power as a copywriter. And holding that kind of power means your clients need to have a LOT of trust in you. 

Your personal brand is how you build that trust.

As a Freelance Copywriter, You ARE a Business

I know some people will argue that freelance copywriters aren’t business owners and that they’re just self-employed (which, I personally think is bullshit. If you generate your own revenue, have your own clients, and have systems and processes that keep your work flowing smoothly, you’re definitely a business owner. End rant).

But your personal brand changes that perception.

Showing up consistently with defined messaging and a good balance of value and promotion shows people that you’re an authority in your niche and creates the perception that you’re an entire powerhouse.

And if you can compel your audience to work with you through YOUR messaging and branding, you can compel other people’s audience to work with them.

And that’s a huge selling point.

Because that’s what copywriters are hired to do.

How Do You Develop a Personal Brand as a Copywriter?

So, how do you create your copywriting personal brand? Let’s get into it.

Focus on What Drives You

This is really important. What drives YOU is what’s going to drive your personal brand. 

Are you big on empowering small businesses?

Are you passionate about elevating female entrepreneurs?

Is your thing copywriting for the spiritual community?

Figure out what your biggest drivers are and create content pillars and messaging that supports them.

Be Fiercely Authentic 

You probably follow some social media accounts of personal brands that you really like. 

And you see that people really like them and that they’re wildly successful.

It might be tempting to emulate these personalities.

But don’t.

If people wanted to follow those personal brands, that’s who they’d follow. If you’re not showing up online with your OWN mixture of herbs and spices that make you YOU, people are going to totally feel that inauthenticity.

Show up and think  like YOU.

Act like YOU.

Speak like YOU.

And WRITE like YOU.

I know it might seem a little bit challenging to do that, at first.

Putting yourself out there can be super awkward when you’re first getting started, but it gets easier and it starts to feel more natural (and that’s because it IS).

Step Into Your Expertise

This is the part where you kick any imposter syndrome to the side and show up as the rockstar you are. 

Talk about what you do. Give a behind the scenes look. Give tips. Show people what it means to be a copywriter. 

The more you share your perspectives, the more people are going to trust you, and the people that align with you are going to want to work with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Controversial

Speaking of your perspectives, don’t be afraid to rock the boat. 

After all, it’s your boat. And you can rock it if you want to.

Consistency Really is The Key

Like with everything in life, consistency is key when it comes to building your personal brand.

You can’t show up 5 times on social media and expect people to instantly know, like, and trust you.

There won’t be a tsunami of calls on your calendar when you post once.

You need to show your audience that you’re consistent.

And that means more than just showing up consistently. YOU need to be consistent. How you present yourself, how you speak, your messaging, and how you interact with your audience. People trust consistency. People HIRE consistency. 

Change Only When it Comes With Growth

So let’s talk about changing up your personal brand. 

Consistency is one thing, but your personal brand isn’t static. 

As you grow and as your business grows, your personal brand will shift.

The more you learn, the more your perspectives will change.

But as you evolve, evolve your personal brand too. 

Don’t change up your entire personal brand just because you see someone else doing it differently and totally killing it.

Because that’s their personal brand. And if you’re just a mirror of that person’s personal brand, they’ll probably want to work with that person instead.

And don’t change yourself because some people aren’t responding as positively as you’d hoped. The way people react to you is their problem.

And that brings us to…

Not Everyone is Going to Like You (And That’s a Good Thing!)

Putting yourself out there leaves you open for criticism. And often, it’s public. Here’s why that’s actually totally a good thing.

First of all,  who f*cking cares? 

The people who don’t align with your personal brand aren’t going to work with you, and people who don’t do business with you don’t pay your bills.

But they are paying attention. 

And hey, haters still give you an algorithm boost.

But here’s the core reason that it’s actually good if some people are turned off by your personal brand:

Those people would be the WORST clients to work with.

If they don’t agree with what you say.

If their perceptions on business, messaging, and copywriting are wildly different from yours.

If they don’t like the way you communicate.

You would not be a good fit to work together.

Showing up as yourself weeds out the people you’re not meant for and attracts the people who ARE a good match for you.

(It’s kind of like business speed dating.)

Let Your Authenticity Build Your Authority

With personal branding, your brand is YOU. How you show up for your audience is a direct reflection of how you’ll show up when it comes to working with them.

I know it’s cliche, but be yourself, talk about what you know, come from a place of value, and you’ll absolutely magnetize yourself to clients.

See ya next time.



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