Unmistakable Signs You Need to Take a Copywriting Course

So You’re Writing Your Own Copy. But, is it Actually Working?

Every company in the world needs copywriting. 

Yep. Every single one. Name one that doesn’t and I’ll buy ya a coffee.

Business owners wear a ridiculous amount of hats, but just because you wear a hat doesn’t mean it fits.

Copywriting isn’t just writing, it’s writing with the intention of creating a conversion. Compelling copy mixes marketing, psychology, and language to create the messaging that turns casual browsers into customers, and customers into next-level brand loyalists. 

Maybe you’re an inherently good writer; that’s great! 

But maybe you’re not sure if your writing skills are translating to copy that sells. 

Here are some surefire signs a copywriting course could benefit you:

5 Signs You Could Really Use a Copywriting Course

Open your website in another tab or browser and compare your copy to this list!

1. Your Company Website is Littered With Company-Centric Phrasing

Take a look at your website. How many sentences start with the word “we”? How much are you talking about your company, your accolades, or how good you are at what you do vs. what you can actually provide for your customers?

Here’s the harsh truth: Your customers don’t care as much about your company as they do what you can actually do for them. Center your audience, make them the hero of the story. The more you focus on the results you provide and how they benefit your customer, the more they’ll focus on pulling out their credit card.

2. Your Customers are Often Confused

If your analytics show a lot of bouncing around without taking action, your potential customers could be confused….and confused customers don’t buy. 

If your copy doesn’t flow the right way, or your messaging isn’t super SUPER clear, your potential customers are going to discredit you right away, and go with a competitor. 

Laser in on your offers, make sure your text is cohesive, and you provide straightforward calls to action and you’ll clear up any confusion your audience may have.

3. You Find Yourself “Stuck” On What to Write

You know you need a home page, service pages, landing pages, sales pages, a contact page, and a few others, but when it comes to what to actually put on each page, everything kind of melts together. 

If your pages are repetitive and don’t have a clear purpose, your audience will just be going in circles with no clear path to purchase. 

Create your pages with intention. Each page has a job to do, and the copy on each page should do that job. 

4. You Can’t Describe Your “Brand Voice” 

If you can’t describe your brand voice without hesitation, it’s likely that it’s undefined. If you haven’t decided on a tone and voice–and used it consistently–you brand becomes unmemorable and loses perceived value. 

Choose a brand voice and tone, and stick to it across ALL of your messaging, from your website to your social media to your printed materials and beyond.

5. You Haven’t Really Considered User Experience 

Does your website have large chunks of content? Is your page hard to scan? Are you using adequate structure, formatting, and flow? 

User experience is a HUGE part of copywriting. Audiences are unlikely to spend a lot of time navigating disorganized copy, and won’t stick around.

Remember: User experience is part of customer service. Write your copy in digestible chunks, make it easily scannable for mobile users, and write in short, easy to read sentences. 

So, it Sounds Familiar. Now What?

How much of the above hit home for you? 

If you were nodding your head to ANY of the above, you can definitely benefit from a copywriting course

As a business owner, you know that running your business means the willingness to ABL (Alway Be Learning). Copywriting is both a hard AND a soft skill that MEGA-amplifies your success. 

Are you ready for that kind of win?.


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