3 Copywriting Secrets for Converting Cold Traffic into Sales

Attract an Audience that is READY to Buy with These Copywriting Hacks

Ok…raise your hand if you’re sick of the high-traffic-but-high-bounce-rates dance. 

Yep. Thought so. 

You are NOT alone. As a copywriting course creator, one of the biggest problems my customers face is web traffic that doesn’t convert. 

You’ve piqued your audience’s interest, because they’re landing on your site, but you can’t figure out why they aren’t clicking to buy! 

While there’s a definite correlation between where someone is in the buying process and whether or not they make a purchase from you on their first visit to your website, it’s absolutely possible to sell to a cold audience. 

And you can EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances of a sale if your copy is out-of-this-world good.

These three copywriting techniques can help you magnetize your offer for audiences that want what you offer and excite them into doing business with you on the first visit to your website.

Copywriting Tips to Help You Attract—and Convert—a Cold Audience

Using the right words, written for the right audience at the right time means more conversions…and less hitting the “X” button.

1. Get to the REAL Root of Your Audience’s Problem

Your current web copy might be speaking AT your audience rather than TO them. If you want to truly resonate with your ideal clients, you need to understand –on an intimate level–why they’re seeking you out.

Let’s look at an example:

Say you’re a nutrition coach. Sure, your audience might think their main pain point is that they’re out of shape, but you need to go several levels deeper. Why are they out of shape? Because they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals. 

Now, go another level deeper: Why don’t they have time? Because they work long hours and are exhausted when they get home from work. 

Now, another level deeper: Why are they exhausted? Because their jobs are high-stress and leave them completely drained at the end of the day.

Go at least four levels deep to speak directly to their pain points, and figure out how you can solve them.

So, what’s the roof of their pain point, here? Your clients are too tired to even consider cooking a healthy dinner at the end of the day.

Your copy might include something like “transform your body in just 15-minutes per day with a quick-and-easy healthy meal plan.” This copy addresses what they want (to get in better shape) addresses the root of their problem (minimal time and energy) and provides them a solution (your meal plans).

2. Mirror Your Customer’s Language

If you want your potential customers to make those connections in their head between what they want and what you offer, you need to present it to them in words they not only understand, but use themselves.

Consider the last time you had a conversation with a potential customer: in their own words, what were their questions?

Let’s use an example of a dentist:

If you’re a dentist and you want to attract new patients to your office, it’s more likely that you’ll attract more clients using phrases like “pain-free dentistry” rather than “dental caries treatment with minimal discomfort.”

Keep in mind it’s important to know your audience when speaking “in their language.” Depending on their familiarity with your niche, education level, and age, you will need to adapt your word choice and writing style.

3. Get Ultra, ULTRA Specific

As they say, “the riches are in the niches.” 

By being hyper-specific with your copy, you will attract buyers that align with what you have to offer.

And by hyper-specific, I mean HYPER-SPECIFIC.

In this example, we’ll say you’re a copywriting business coach (you’ve been a nutritionist, a dentist, AND a business coach today. You’ve been busy.).

Let’s say you serve new (but established) business owners who are generating revenue, but are JUST on the edge of that next level. 

Take a look at these two lines of copy:

  1. Ready to level up? My business coaching services help you scale to the next level of success in your business–with ease. Stop waiting! My winter program is open now.

Now, while this offer might be somewhat appealing, it’s far too general, which makes it uninteresting, uncompelling, and doesn’t really give much in the way of context. 

Let’s rework it:

  1. Is that six-figure year just out of reach? My business coaching services help women entrepreneurs like YOU hit major milestones in their business by using proven, repeatable, SCALABLE strategies. Stop waiting! Registration for my winter program CLOSES Dec. 1 at 11:59pm.

Version #2 is far more specific, targeting women entrepreneurs making just under six figures per year who want to hit that milestone. This copy also goes into a bit more detail on the “how,” rather than simply leaving it at “with ease,” as well as gives them a specific timeframe in which they need to act (that’s urgency, baby). 

The more specific you are, the more likely it is that your ideal audience will resonate with your offer, and you’ll have them saying “YES! THAT’S ME! YES! YES!’ all the way down the page.

You CAN Convert Cold Web Traffic into Paying Customers

Seeing those traffic hits on your analytics (without a conversion) is exceptionally frustrating, I know. It’s like having someone come to your store, browse, try on six sweaters, and then throw them –unfolded– into the corner of the dressing room before bolting out the front door.


While some of that is bound to happen, depending on where your audience is on the customer journey, it is possible to convert cold traffic into paying customers. With the right elixir of psychology and language in your copy, you’ll start seeing more of your audience hit “complete purchase’ than hitting the back button.

These three copywriting hacks aren’t the only thing you need to increase your conversions. My online copywriting courses help business owners like you transform their copy from blasé to bangin’. Want in? You got it. Visit my COURSES page and let’s get this party started!


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