The Ultimate Copywriter’s Gift Guide: What the Copywriter in Your Life Really Wants

Looking For The Perfect Gifts for Copywriters? Here Are 20 Failsafe Gifts That Are Sure To Please The Word Nerd In Your Life.

Copywriters: we create the messaging that drives you to buy the products you love. Which in turn, makes most of us almost entirely immune to marketing. So, chances are you won’t hear us raving about the newest whatever on the market, unless we think the copy’s really great. And in that case, we’re probably on the email list, following the company on socials, and already got the discount code for black friday. And we’ve probably stashed their ads in our swipe file.

So, what do you give the person in your life whose job it is to…you know…compel you to actually purchase those products? 

I’ve made it simple for you. Here’s a list of 22 bulletproof gift ideas for copywriters that will be sure to please.

  1. Coffee

Let’s start with the obvious here. The stereotype of a writer working late into the night or at the crack of dawn surrounded by coffee mugs is pretty accurate. If you’re looking for a gift for the copywriter in your life that’s addicted to that magic bean juice, a coffee subscription or a gift basket with a sampling of different flavors and brands of coffee will make their (probably palpitating) heart happy.

  1. Coffee Mugs

To complement the coffee, coffee cups are one of the best gifts for copywriters. A simple but thoughtful (and useful) gift, a coffee mug designed specifically for copywriters checks all the boxes.

  1. New Notebooks

Sure, modern copywriters spend the majority of their time working on their computers, but it’s almost impossible to go wrong with the gift of a real, paper notebook. Ask the copywriter in your life how many notebooks they have. Chances are they’re going to give you a number at LEAST in the double digits…and trust me, there can NEVER be enough.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones

Copywriting takes extreme focus, and even though many copywriters stay secluded in their home office (or let’s be real, on their couch in sweatpants), we do often venture out into the world and work at a coffee shop now and then. When we do, noise canceling headphones keep the world drowned out while we’re out in it.

  1. Spotify Premium

Imagine: The copywriter in your life is completely in the zone, writing along with the rhythm of their playlist, and then right when they’re about to zero in on the line that’s going to convert a bazillion customers, a jarring, abrasive voice come out of nowhere pushing them to buy car insurance. And then the moment is lost.

Yep. Spotify Premium solves all of that. 

  1. Blue Light Glasses 

Staring at a screen all day is bad for anyone, but when you do it for a living, it’s inescapable. Blue light glasses are a practical and thoughtful gift for a copywriter. 

  1. Copywriting Books 

Even if they’re familiar with the greats and have Eugene Schwartz quotes written all over little pieces of paper around their house, copywriters can never have enough books. Plus, a tangible book with real pages you can actually turn (instead of scroll through) is a great way to stay connected to the world outside of the computer screen.

  1. A Pen Subscription Box

If you know a copywriter, they have a favorite pen. And I don’t just mean a pen they happen to prefer over other pens…I mean a pen that they are fiercely loyal to. The ink flows perfectly, it fits in their hand like it was made for them, and it’s probably almost out of ink.

But, there’s always a new pen out there to fall in love with. A pen subscription box will likely introduce the copywriter in your life to their next great love (you might think I’m kidding, but this is very, very true).

  1. Ergonomic Office Supplies 

Typing for a living can really wreak havoc on your hands, wrists, limbs, back, and neck. Ergonomic office supplies, such as a wrist support mouse pad or office chair with actual back support, can prevent a world of hurt.

  1. A Whiteboard

Ok, first of all, who DOESN’T love a good whiteboard? There’s something so satisfying about seeing your ideas mapped out, huge and in front of your face. Copywriters spend a lot of time taking notes, thinking about funnels, and writing down random bursts of inspiration. A whiteboard can make it feel like their ideas are in big bright Hollywood lights.

  1. Custom Sticky Notes

Whether quotes from famous copywriters or their own logo, custom sticky notes will have them thinking about you every time they write themselves a super-important note about something, which is multiple times a day.

  1. A Ring Light

Freelancers, especially, will benefit from a ring light. Doing discovery calls on ZOOM requires professionalism, and a ring light can help set the scene. 

  1. A Foot Hammock

Sitting at your desk all day can make your legs restless. A foot hammock is a great gift for a copywriter who wants to remain comfortable while spending hours typing away (and, I’m speaking from experience here, if the copywriter your life is short, like myself, a foot hammock is extra appreciated). 

  1. A Massage

Even just the hands. Especially the hands. Have you ever had a hand massage? It’s heaven. 

  1. A Gift Card to the Closest Office Supply Store

If you ever want to see the copywriter in your life really light up, give them a gift card to an office supply store. Chances are they probably already know exactly what they want walking in, and will come out with bags of literal joy.

  1. Computer Screen Wipes

Our computer screens are the window to the world.

  1. Customized Screen Printed Pillows

A fun, creative, and personalized gift, you can use an on-demand service like Zazzle or VistaPrint to design a pillow with a quote from a famous copywriter or something else copywriting-centric. 

I’m speaking from experience on this one. Someone gave me this once, and I love it so much.

  1. A Wifi Extender

Working at a desk all day can get monotonous, especially when your job requires you to be creative. It’s not uncommon for copywriters to move around their house when writing: the couch, the front porch, the kitchen table, the backyard, the garage–anywhere that feels right for what they’re writing about. A wifi extender can make it easy to change up their workspace without losing internet connection.

  1. A Weekend in a Cabin in the Woods

Doesn’t every writer dream of a weekend getaway in a cabin in the woods? This is an especially good gift if the copywriter in your life is your other half. What’s more romantic than feeling like you’re a modern day Ernest Hemingway?

  1. HalfPrice Books Gift Card

I’d wager to say that if you know a copywriter, they’re an avid reader, and as a matter of fact, they probably read more than just marketing and copywriting books. A giftcard to a bookstore like Half Price Books is a perfect gift for a copywriter or ANY writer in your life, for that matter.

These Gifts for Copywriters are Sure to Make Their Word-Nerd Heart Happy

Giving a gift to someone who creates marketing messaging for a living can be a challenge. These gift ideas for copywriters give the word-fanatic in your life both what they want and what they need. Happy giving!

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