Empath? Here’s 5 Reasons Why Copywriting is the Perfect Career for You

Are You an Empath Looking for a Perfect Fit Career? Copywriting Might Just Be Your Dream Job.

I’m gonna assume that since you’re here, you already know the traits of an empath and have a high level of self understanding. You already know the challenges in the workforce as someone who is naturally empathetic. 

Being an empath in the workplace can either be your secret weapon or a constant battle, depending on your career. Unlike other careers that can leave you overwhelmed and shouldering the burden of other people’s collective feelings (looking at you, service industry and support jobs!), with copywriting, being an empath is a significant advantage.

In fact, if you’re an empath, copywriting might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for. So start building your Copywriting Portfolio today.

Why Copywriting is the Best Job for an Empath

Let’s talk about some key reasons why copywriting is the perfect for your rad, empathic self.

  1. You Know How to Connect with Someone on a Deeper Level

As an empath, you understand more than most what makes people tick. Whether positive or negative, you know how to speak to someone in ways that resonate with them at the core of their being. If you can translate your natural ability to predict someone’s emotions into words, you’ll make an excellent copywriter.

  1. You’ve Got Strong Intuition

Many empaths aren’t just attune to the feelings of those around them, but also quite intuitive. Maybe it’s your ability to observe the world around you in a more objective way, or you just understand human psychology so well that you know what’s going to happen next. Either way, your keen intuition will serve you exceptionally well in your copywriting career.

  1. You Might Be an Introvert

If you’re an empath, chances are you might be an introvert. It might be because the innate ability to absorb information and emotions of those around you can be taxing. But, being an introvert is a super power when it comes to copywriting. As a copywriter, you’ll spend a lot of time in solitude with your thoughts, which is perfect for an empath who’s also an introvert.

  1. Your Senses are Highly Tuned

As an empath, you’re keyed in with everything in your environment. This means noticing details other people may not notice, and how even the smallest ripples can make waves in the bigger picture. This will work in your favor as a copywriter. 

  1. You’re Highly Intelligent

You can learn new information quickly, figuring out how it all melds into the bigger picture. Copywriting requires a lot of adaptation to client voices, working as part of a larger marketing objective, and the ability to understand nuance. As an empath, this all comes naturally to you, but these are skills that not everyone comes by easily. This puts you at a competitive advantage in the field of copywriting.

Put Your Natural Abilities to Good Use

Living the life of an empath can be overwhelming. In a non-empath friendly career, you’re constantly barraged with the weight of the world’s emotions and can feel totally overstimulated by your environment. A copywriting career is one of those unique careers that allows empaths to use their natural abilities without feeling completely emotionally burned out.

So, if you’re an empath and looking for a career that fulfills you, copywriting might just be where it’s at.

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