5 Hidden Reasons Your Sales Pages Aren’t Converting

Low Conversions? NO Conversions? You Might Be Making These Five Mistakes.

So, your sales pages aren’t converting.

Even though you’ve got a bangin’ website.

Even though your graphics are on point.

And you KNOW your offer is smokin’ hot.

So what gives?

If you find yourself agonizing over low-converting sales pages, here are five ways you’re probably f*cking them up and don’t even know it.

Help! My Sales Page Isn’t Converting!

If your sales pages aren’t converting, check and see if you’re making any of these not-so-obvious mistakes.

(And then fix them.)

#1. You’re Using the Most Boring Verbs in the English Language

“Learn” “Uplevel” and “Improve” are great…as long as they’re just the palate cleanser between other spicy-hot verbs.

Your verbs put your copy in motion. Where is your offer taking your audience? How excited are they to get there? Get their psyches working. Powerful verbs create a subtle sense of urgency and get your audience’s adrenaline up, which means you’re more likely to earn a sale.

Rocket-fuel your mundane verbs with something more power-packed.


“Master” instead of “Learn.”

“Advance” instead of “Uplevel.”

“Outperform” instead of “Improve.”

Consider the emotions tied to each word. Do you want your audience to feel invigorated? Relieved? Choose your verbs wisely.


#2.You Aren’t Touching on Limiting Beliefs

Every single brand on Earth has to handle objections.

And some of these objections aren’t things like the price or whether or not they need your product.

Some of these objections stem from what your audience believes about themselves.

For example: One of my products is The Ultimate Sales Page Kit. The purpose of this kit is to guide business owners or new copywriters on writing high-converting sales pages. A limiting belief of my audience might be that a sales page is too much to jump into headfirst. I often hear “but I’ve never written my own copy!”

That’s their limiting belief. They don’t think they can because they’ve never done it before. But I don’t want my audience to give up on writing kick-ass sales pages just because they think they won’t be good at it. So I address that limiting belief.

Like this:

And, I get it right out on front, right on the header.

#3, You’re Missing Key Information

It’s FAR easier to pick out information that’s wrong than information that’s missing.

The closer you are to your product (and if you’re the business owner, you’re really, really close), the more likely you are to leave out key information that your audience needs.

You might not be answering all of the questions someone might have, because your product, what it does, are almost second-nature to you.

The fix? Show your sales page to someone who isn’t connected to your business. Ask them what questions they have. Ask them if the benefits are clear. You’ll likely find that there are glaring, obvious bits of information missing that you hadn’t even thought out.

#4. Your Calls to Action Are Lacking the “Action” Part

Similar to using power verbs in your copy, your calls to action need to be strong.

Want the secret to a great call to action? Give your audience something to agree with.

Instead of “Learn More” or “Click to Buy,” write a call to action that pushes your audience to click if they agree.


When you give your audience something to agree with, you’re more likely to get adds-to-cart.

#5. You’re Not Focusing On the Transformation

It’s probably been drilled into your head that you need to focus on benefits over features (at least if you’ve been hanging out here long enough you have). But focusing on the transformation is just as important.

“Experience a rapid increase in conversion” is an awesome benefit. But “Go from a bleak launch to NON-STOP conversions” touches on pain points AND pleasure points in the same sentence.

Notice “Go from” and “to” in the sentence above. That’s a simple way to focus on the transformation.

Sales Page Not Converting? Not Anymore!

Your sales pages are an entire ecosystem, and these five hidden reasons your sales pages aren’t converting might just be the secret herbs and spices in your sales sauce.

Go give your sale page an audit and see if you’re making these mistakes. And then…let me know!


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