3 Ways Great Copy Transform Your Business

Writing Great Copy Means You’re Playing to Win The Long Game

If you’re here, I’m willing to bet you’ve been searching for how to write copy that generates more leads and makes more sales for your business.

But great copy goes beyond earning you more conversion. The power of copywriting expands into EVERY aspect of your company can mean  long-term success.

The right copy, in the right place, at the right time, resonates so deeply with your audience that it shakes them completely to the core.

And it’s that connection that can completely transform your business.

3 Ways Great Copy Can Change Everything

Every word you write has the potential to make a massive impact far beyond your monthly profits.

1. Your Words Can Make Other People Feel Heard

The purpose of copywriting is to make a sale, but how you effectively make that sale is based on how well you can resonate with your target audience. 

Think of the last time you made a purchase and ask yourself these questions:

  • What about the branding, marketing, or advertising caught your attention?
  • What words did you see that spoke to you?
  • How did they touch on your pain points—and how did they promise a transformative experience?
  • At what point did you say “yes, this is going to make my life better/different/happier/easier/etc?”

When you use language that shows your potential buyers that you understand their frustrations, they feel heard. And people who feel heard are the ones who click “add to cart.”

2. Customers That Feel Heard Become Brand Loyalists

When you write copy that makes your customers feel heard and understood (and, of course, deliver on your promises) you strengthen the know, like, and trust factor and strengthen the connection that your customers feel with your brand.

And when people become loyal to your brand, they tell other people about you.

3. Brand Loyalty Means Referrals

Think about the last time you asked someone for a recommendation for a product or service. Now, think how quickly you got a definitive response that you should absolutely go with a certain brand. And how enthusiastic they were about that brand.

Social proof is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. As humans, we’re likely to partake in the same buying habit as our peers. And the more loyal people are to your brand, the more people are going to keep your name top-of-mind (and in their mouth). 

All of this happens when you write great copy.

So, How Great is GREAT Copy?

Does your audience feel your copy deep in the psyche (and in their gut)? 

If you aren’t creating next-level brand loyalty, look at your copy through the lens of your reader: are you stoking the fire in their belly or pouring salt on their wounds? If it’s not the former, copywriting courses can help you laser in on the words to say to turn casual readers into a raving community excited to tell the world about your brand.

Ready for your audience to feel like you read their diary (AND all of their DMs)? Take the leap and start learning copywriting secrets with me. Let’s rock and roll.

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