How to Ask Your Clients for Testimonials (Without Feeling Awkward)

I don’t know what it is about copywriters, but a lot of us feel totally awkward asking for testimonials, even though testimonials are KEY to growing your copywriting business. Testimonials are fantastic social proof, getting other potential clients excited to work with you.

So, it’s time to overcome that fear of awkwardness associated with asking for testimonials and start rackin’ ‘em’ up!

Why is It so Awkward to Ask for a Testimonial?

Let’s take a deeper look at WHY we feel so awkward asking for a testimonial.

Usually, this awkwardness over asking our clients to talk about how much they loved working with us stems from imposter syndrome, which then devolves into fear of rejection. 

But, testimonials actually help you BEAT imposter syndrome and fear of rejection 2 ways:

  1. It helps you get over your imposter syndrome, because you have people who love working with you giving you feedback that you can use to attract even more clients that will love you.
  2. If for some reason they don’t want to leave you a rave review, you’ll have the opportunity to ask them how you can better serve them next time.

So, it’s twofold. And even if you don’t get the BEST testimonial on the planet from one of your clients, there are sure to be other clients who can’t stop raving about you. 

What Can You Do With Client Testimonials?

The better question is, what can’t you do with client testimonials? 

Put your testimonials anywhere potential clients see your content. 

  • Publishing them on your website: Your sales pages or your homepage are a great home for testimonials!
  • Social media channels: Cut and paste your testimonials, turn them into graphics, and post ‘em up for the world to see! Even better if you can tag your client so that it further legitimizes your testimonial.  
  • In your marketing materials: You can include your testimonials in everything from your marketing emails to your paid ads. 

What Kind of Testimonials are Best?

ALL kinds of testimonials are fantastic and all of them serve their purpose. Let’s look at a couple of different options when asking your clients for a testimonial.

  1. Video testimonials: These are by far the testimonials that seem the most “real.” You can hear the sincerity in someone’s voice, and it helps people “humanize” the testimonial by putting a face on it. Many people are camera shy, however, so give your clients a couple of different options when it comes to leaving a testimonial.
  2. Google Reviews: This type of review is especially useful for SEO. Google LOVES when you use their platform for things, especially Google My Business. Asking your clients to leave you a Google Review is great because it helps improve your search engine rankings and you can still copy and paste it for other platforms, such as on your website.
  3. Testimonials with Photos: Similar to video, people feel like a testimonial is more “real” if they can put a face to the results. If your clients email you a testimonial, ask them for a photo and ask them for permission to include it on your website and marketing materials.
  4. Screenshots: This is another way to show how “real” your reviews are. If you get a testimonial or great review on social media or even in your DMs, screenshot it! But, if it’s a private message, get permission from your client to share it on your socials. Offer to blur the name out if they’d like to keep it private.

All testimonials have their place. And even if you prefer one over the other, having testimonials at ALL is great!

How Do You Ask For a Testimonial (in a Totally Not-Awkward Way)?

Ok, let’s get into the proverbial “meat and potatoes” of why you’re here:

How to ask a client for a testimonial without feeling awkward.

I’ve put a template email below that you can copy, paste, and customize. Just fill out anything between the [brackets].

“Hi {Name}!

I wanted to reach out and thank you once again for the opportunity to {work you completed for the client}. I enjoyed working with you and especially enjoyed {your favorite part of the project}.

Now that the project is wrapped up, I’d love it if you could write a testimonial about your experience working with me. I’d be glad to feature it on my website and via my social media channels. 

Feel free to include a photo of yourself to include with your testimonial.

You can respond to this email with your testimonial {or, if you have a Google Form, JotForm, or something else, include it here instead}.

If you did not have an exceptional experience working with me and prefer not to write a testimonial, I would appreciate your feedback on how I can better serve you next time.

Thank you again for your business.

-{Your name}.”

There. Simple as that. 11 lines (plus the signature) and it covers all the bases. It asks for a testimonial if the client is happy. It addresses what to do if for some reason the client isn’t happy. It asks for a photo. It mentions featuring them on your social media and website. Simple. Effective.

So, now you know how to ask for a testimonial without the awkwardness. But, what about what goes INTO the testimonial.

What Makes a Great Testimonial?

The quality of your testimonial goes beyond “great to work with! Very happy!” When potential clients are reading your testimonials, they need to see–in detail–how much your copywriting services will benefit them.

A great testimonial includes high-level project information, a look into your process, and what results were achieved.

(But how do you get your client to write you the best possible testimonial? I’ve put together THIS TEMPLATE for you so that you know exactly how to get detailed testimonials that highlight all of the best parts of working with you.)

Skip the Awkward and Get Those Testimonials!

Testimonials are one of the best ways to eliminate any doubts about your services, as a review of your services shows that you’ve already been vetted and are worth the investment. In fact, testimonials are ALMOST as powerful as referrals

So, ditch the awkward feeling and use the template above, and start collecting testimonials that show how awesome you really are.

Until next time!



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