Introvert? Here’s Why Copywriting Could Be the Perfect Job for You

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Is Your Current Job Draining Your Batteries? Copywriting Could Be the Key to a Fulfilling Career.

Are you a born observer?

Feel drained when you’re subjected to smalltalk or large crowds?

Do you feel your best when you’ve had time to “unplug” from social situations?

Are you more self-aware than your more outgoing friends?

You might be an introvert.

Although there’s no “set in stone” list of personality traits when it comes to introversion, these are common among people who consider themselves more introverted than extroverted.

The Best Jobs for Introverts Play Up Their Inherent Abilities 

With an ever-growing work-from-home culture, us introverts have been offered some semblance of relief from the constant barrage of bullshit at the water cooler, the obligatory lunches with co-workers, and people coming to your desk to talk about every mundane thing on the planet.

But, if you’re still bombarded with ZOOM calls, group texts, never-ending Slack messages, and group projects, chances are you’re just as zapped at the end of the day as you were when you had to work at the office.

In fact, maybe moreso; afterall, your job has now invaded the place you’re supposed to be able to retreat and relax: your home!

That’s gonna be a hard no from me, pal.

As an introvert, the best job for you is one that gives you a sense of purpose without completely sucking the life out of you.

Studies show that our levels of introversion and extroversion affect our career choices. [1]

Many introverts excel at creative, cerebral jobs that allow for both left-and-right brain thinking, using imagination just as much as intelligence. 

Why is Copywriting the Best Job For an Introvert?

Copywriting is one of those unique careers that require both analytical and creative thinking, working independently, and a lot of solitude. Here’s four reasons why copywriting is one of the best jobs for introverts, and why you might just excel in the field.

  1. Astute Observational Skills

If you’re an introvert, chances are you spend more time observing and listening than reacting, giving you a more in-depth understanding of what makes people behave the way they do. Understanding human behavior and what will make someone act or react in a certain way is an especially important skill for copywriters.

  1. Naturally Empathic

Most people who consider themselves introverts tend to have a higher level of empathy than their extroverted counterparts. Because of your inherent ability to pick up on subtle emotional cues, you’re able to pinpoint exactly what makes someone tick. As a copywriter, knowing what makes someone tick is key to understanding what will make them click that “Add to Cart” button.

  1. You Tend to Think Before You Speak

Writing requires a lot of critical thinking and effective communication skills. Introverts often think twice before they speak, weighing their options when it comes to what words to say. This is a great skill for a copywriter to have, as every word you choose has the potential to influence and impact your audience.

  1. You Thrive When Working Independently

Even copywriters who work on a team spend the majority of their time in solitude researching, writing, and editing their work. A perfect job for introverts, right?  If you do your best work when left to your own devices (and you have the self-discipline to complete your tasks), you’re likely going to make a great copywriter.

This list is not exhaustive, but these four reasons that copywriting is one of the best jobs for introverts are, at least in my opinion, the ones that stand out the most.

How Can an Introvert Get Copywriting Clients?

While not always shy, reserved, or sensitive to social anxiety, many introverts question how they can get copywriting clients when they’re not as outgoing as their extroverted counterparts.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re any less determined than extroverts; it just means you’ll probably want to take a different approach to getting clients.

Connect With More Introverted Clients

Use social media (and those fantastic observation skills) to your advantage. Research accounts of business owners in niches you’d like to write about and determine your best-fit clients. If someone’s personality feels aligned with yours, reach out. 

Chances are that more introverted clients will prefer written communication over video calls and will be less likely to spend time talking about their project and more time giving you all of the information you need to perform your job efficiently.

Apply to Work With Copywriting Agencies

If you’re not the type of person who wants to spend a ton of time prospecting, a copywriting agency might be a great fit for you.

When you work for a copywriting agency, all of the clients are sourced for you; meaning more time writing and less time finding clients and earning contracts.

Leverage Networking Groups

Networking doesn’t necessarily mean going to early morning in-person events and sitting around a table drinking coffee with people you barely know. Online networking groups are an introvert’s best friend. 

LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Forums, and other business networking websites allow you to showcase your skills, make connections, and find clients without having to trek to a local coffee shop and painstakingly smalltalk yourself through meetings.

Go All Out On Your Content Marketing

One significant advantage you have as a copywriter in terms of content marketing is that creating content is what you do. Use that skill to your advantage. A content marketing plan that provides value to potential clients and showcases your writing skills means visibility and giving potential clients a look at your work in real time.

Writing blog posts (hey, like I’m doing now!), LinkedIn articles, participating in business-related discussions on social media, and creating valuable social media content are all things that can put your skills center stage without you actually having to be center stage.

Introversion is a Bankable Superpower

This world might seem more easily navigable for our extroverted friends, especially when we feel like we’re pushed to the side for those who are more outwardly dedicated to their careers.

But, your introversion is a huge advantage to you if you’re interested in a career as a copywriter. 

Play to your strengths as an introvert and you’ll see success you’ve never thought possible.




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