Copywriters: You Should ALWAYS Upsell THIS Web Copy

why is an FAQ page important

Home page copy, about us pages, service and contact pages are the core pages of a website, but there’s an often forgotten piece of web copy that every single business needs, and one that you, as a copywriter, should always upsell. 

Upselling this page shows your clients that you understand the value of both user experience and the power this page plays in SEO copywriting

And that page is the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Why Every Website Needs an FAQ Page 

There is not a website on the internet that won’t benefit from having a frequently asked questions page. Even if the questions on this page aren’t always the most frequent ones, this page is the pinnacle in SEO, and can help build audience trust and lead to even more conversions.

Let’s dive deeper into why.

FAQ Pages are Perfect for SEO

FAQ pages are everything search engines love: providing intent-driven answers to questions your audience is asking. That’s the entire purpose of SEO, afterall. 

Besides answering questions, adding another top-level page with optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and structured data like FAQ schema all add SEO value to a website overall.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions Helps Target Qualified Buyers

Answering questions on a specific page on your website can help web visitors further determine that they’ve found the product or service they’re looking for.

Answering questions on pricing, payment plans, specifics on products or services, and who exactly the product or service is for can help potential customers self-qualify.

An FAQ Page Can Redirect Traffic Where it Needs to Go

Actual footage of an FAQ page directing traffic.

An FAQ page can be chock-full of links that directs web visitors to exactly where you need them to go next. 

Even if a website is super organized, people don’t always find what they’re looking for, and they then turn to the website’s FAQ. 

Answering questions like “do you provide X service?” can help directly answer your audience’s question, followed by a link to that specific service page.

Providing Answers to Common Questions Can Increase Purchasing Speed

A frequently asked questions page eliminates a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth in emails, contact forms, and chatbots.  If web visitors have all of the information they need right on a website, they’re more likely to make their purchase more quickly.

Remember: time kills a lot of sales. An FAQ helps you strike while the iron is hot.

How to Sell an FAQ Page to Your Copywriting Clients

Not every client will understand why it’s so important to have an FAQ page. Here’s how you can sell FAQ web copy as part of your services.

Include it as Part of a Web Copy Package

Selling an FAQ page can be as easy as making it part of a package for an entire website. If it’s just part of the deal, many clients will just see it as part of the package with no questions asked.

Explain the Value of an FAQ Page

If you don’t have a whole website copy package and you sell your services by the page, sometimes all it takes is letting your client know how valuable having an FAQ page is. You can inform them about all of the benefits of an FAQ page listed here.

Pitch the FAQs as Part of Another Top Level Page

Sometimes, you’ll have clients who have already contracted web design or development with another contractor, and a separate FAQ page isn’t in the scope of work. In this case, you can suggest adding an FAQ section to one of the other top level pages, such as on the bottom of the about or contact us page.

These are both great places to answer common questions web visitors may have.

Writing an FAQ Page: Best Practices 

Now, you know the why behind the importance of writing frequently asked questions pages, so let’s move on to the what and the how.

Include Questions People are Actually Asking

Even if some of your FAQs are primarily SEO-driven, an FAQ page should definitely include questions people commonly ask. You can find these questions by simply asking your client what questions they get most often, or by typing in seed keywords into Google and looking under “People also ask.”

Include Question Modifiers

A great way to search-optimize an FAQ page is to use question modifiers. Starting questions with what, where, when, why, how, who, or which can better show search engines the intent of the question.

Include Links

Don’t forget your links! While your answers will probably be fairly concise, if you have additional, more detailed information that can further answer questions, include a link to that page within your text.

Including an FAQ Page Benefits You AND Your Client

An FAQ page is one of the most important pages on a website, and it is far too often overlooked! When your clients understand how important it is to have a frequently asked questions page on their website, you can easily upsell this page as part of your service agreement, which benefits both you and your client.


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