Here’s What DOESN’T Happen When You Learn Copywriting With Me

Learning Content + Copywriting With Me Means You’re DONE With the BS Courses Out There

This is something I’m WILDLY passionate about, so excuse me in advance for a lot of off-color language, because I can tell you it’s definitely going to happen

But we’re here today to talk about what’s NOT going to happen. Specifically, when you learn content and copywriting with me. 

Whether you’re utilizing one of my all-in-one copywriting kits, taking challenges, or individual courses, there are things that I can PROMISE you are not going to occur. 

Not even once.

1. You Won’t Get Surface-Level Bullshit

If there’s one thing I completely despise, it’s courses that teach the touchpoints of something, call it good enough, and slap a hefty-ass price tag on it.

Not even my free copywriting resources touch only on surface level information. I’m here to teach you how to write content and copy, not to half-ass something enough to make a sale and call it a day. 

Copywriting and content writing are about value. I’m going to give you that value, NOT leave you more confused than you were before.

2. You’re NOT Leaving With a Weak-Ass Portfolio

If you’re an aspiring copywriter and you take my courses or use my copywriting tools, one thing is for certain: you will not exit any of my programs with a watered-down, useless portfolio.

My courses mean you’re going to have a KICKASS portfolio when you’re done. 

And I’m not just talking about a few “10 Ways to Keep Your Lizard Happy” style pieces. I go in depth because that’s what it takes to set you up for success. I provide the tools; if you put in the work, you can build a portfolio that you can take ALL the way to the bank. 

And you can bank on THAT.

3. You’re WON’T Be Stuck Spinning in Circles With False Promises & No Real Direction

And I’m not going to guarantee your results. No copywriting instructor can guarantee your results. You have to put in the actual work to get better (and better and better and better) ALL THE TIME.  I don’t slap a plug-and-play template in front of my students and tell them to fill in the blanks. I don’t do “easy” courses that give only the basics of what you need to “call yourself a copywriter.” 

Too many copywriting instructors do this. And it’s a disgrace to the profession.

In fact…

There is a “copywriting course” out there (that I won’t name) that doesn’t actually teach copywriting….they teach content writing. And that’s it. And they tell their students to CALL THEMSELVES COPYWRITERS so they “make more money.”

There’s SO much wrong with that but let’s break that down into two main reasons that’s completely f*cked up:

1. Copywriting can absolutely be a lucrative career (and really, the money you make in a content writing career isn’t something to smirk at) But the problem here is that these two forms of writing take entirely different skill sets. If a company hires a “copywriter” that has no idea how to write copy, they’re going to be totally screwed and spend tons of money having the copy redone, or live with copy that doesn’t actually work. 

I teach both content AND copywriting.

If you want to learn how to be a content writer, cool. I can help you with that. 

You want to be a copywriter? I’ve got you. 

 You wanna do both? Let’s go ALL IN.

But I’m going to tell you that just taking a blogging course isn’t going to qualify you to call yourself a copywriter and charge  big bucks to write someone’s sales page. You have to put in the work and get your brain trained very, very specifically to write great copy.

2. Not only is telling someone to misrepresent themselves completely unethical, it sets the students up for failure. Imagine you’re taking one of these “copywriting courses” that isn’t actually teaching you ANY-DAMN-THING about copywriting and you go to submit your copywriting portfolio for a copywriting position? What response do you think you’re going to get?

That’s definitely not going to happen when you learn copywriting with me. I’m here because I want business owners to be able to write their own BADASS copy and I want people who are wholeheartedly interested in copywriting as a career to COMPLETELY FLOURISH.

Copywriting + Content Writing Courses With Purpose

I take what I do very seriously. Myself, not so much. And if you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve taken any of my live programs, you definitely know that. 

But when it comes to the work I do and the services I provide, the games stop. 

Working as a copywriter means that what you do has a direct impact on someone’s business. Which means someone’s dreams. Someone’s livelihood. 

When I create my copywriting tools, kits, resources, courses, or give someone advice, I’m completely dedicated to giving as much value as possible, so that the results speak for themselves.

And I want that for you. I want you to get results. I want you to see the power that copywriting and content writing have, holistically, on your business.

And I won’t quit until you get there.

Let’s Do This Thing Already!

Are you ready to get there? Are you ready to put in the work it takes to make your copywriting business BOOM with the power of killer copywriting and content writing? If you’re in, I’m ALL in. Let’s do this.


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