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There is a pretty significant difference between copywriting and conversion copywriting.

Copywriters and conversion copywriters are not one-in-the-same. Both have the same overarching goals — to generate interest + sales, establish your brand authority, and create an authentic brand identity — but conversion copywriting is a far more tedious process.

Conversion copywriting involves a deep-dive into your metrics, thorough research, the ability to interpret data and pivot your strategy or build on your current success.

While copywriting is often a one-and-done process where you hire a copywriter to create content based on your own internal research, a conversion copywriter most often does this for you. Conversion copywriters conduct in-depth market research, demographic and psychographic analysis, brand analysis, and audit the current copy on your website and marketing materials.

This is a pretty involved process, and even the most involved entrepreneurs can become ‘paralyzed by knowledge,’ meaning difficulty interpreting data objectively because they’re so involved in their business or industry.

The majority of the time, a third-party perspective is exactly what a business needs to go from stagnation to the next level of success.

Working With Me

Disclaimer: I do not sugarcoat my analyses. I will tell you exactly why your copy isn’t working, why your voice doesn’t match your brand, and where exactly your content makes people lose interest.

Some people take that personally — and it’s totally not personal.

Business owners are great at what their business does. A lot of business owners hire contractors to perform the work that they either aren’t well versed in or don’t know how to do (for example, I work with an accounting firm and CPA, because I do NOT want to deal with that myself).

Hiring a conversion copywriter is part of running a successful business, and, if you get down to it, one of the most important tools for generating income.

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My Process

Here’s how it goes down when we partner up:

conversion copywriters

This is where we get to know each other, and I get to know your brand really, really well. We talk about your goals + objectives. We discuss the driving passion behind your business. We go over pain points, gaps in your content, and any other struggles you might be facing when it comes to conversions on your website.

To make your content work, I have to be able to get inside your head and know your why before we figure out the how and what.

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Time to get into the grit of your business. This is the part where I deep dive into your analytics, your website, your marketing materials, your social media channels, email marketing, chat logs, and anything else public-facing.

This is where I take the trip through your marketing funnel, analyzing every piece of content all the way through to the ‘buy’ button.

I research your competition, the pain and pleasure points of your target market, and figure out where you fit in the mix.

At conclusion, you get a super in-depth report that shows you things you might not have ever noticed before, and a pretty good idea of what it will take to level-up your business.

If you’re a brand new business, this process looks a little different, but nonetheless, you’re going to have some invaluable information when I’m done.

conversion copywriters
conversion copywriters

We go deep, we go far, we go wide. We combine your goals and my strategies to create a powerful elixr. We turn your content into an entire ecosystem that works to power-up your business and generate lead and sales.

if you booked a package that stops here and you’re writing the content yourself, don’t worry — you’ll know exactly how to implement everything.

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I take everything from steps 1-3 and turn your goals into action-driven content, using marketing and sales psychology, your authentic brand voice, finely-tuned language, and strategic structure and flow.

I write copy that converts leads to sales and sales that result in next-level brand loyalty.

conversion copywriters
conversion copywriters

Copy is critical. Copy is what sells what you have to offer. Now that you’ve reinforced your foundation, you can build an even stronger business.

I could have said “Now, you kick back and relax,” but we both know that’s not true. You’ve got a business to run, dreams to achieve, and goals to smash.

So, are you ready to kick it into high gear?

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